947 Ride Joburg

How can you make a difference?

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Join The SAID DIAMONDS & Cycle the 947 Ride joburg 2024

  1. Head over to Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg Road 2024 to register to cycle for the 97km or 35km race. Be sure to first click “REDEEM A PROMO CODE” and enter our code DIA-3382.
  2. Select the Race you will be participating in and the number of riders, and click continue.
  3. Complete all your details and make payment. Please be sure to use your email address.
  4. Diamond Riders must raise a minimum of R2000 by 25 October 2024 to ride in SAID gear and get an awesome goodie bag with essentials for before, during and after
    your ride.
  5. Set up a BackaBuddy account to share with your network, or check out our other ideas for peer-to-peer fundraising.
  6. Get Race Ready and HAVE FUN! The SAID Pack is rooting for you!

How to raise funds as a SAID Diamond on BackaBuddy

  1. Go to the BackaBuddy website: www.backabuddy.co.za and click on the “Start a Campaign”.
  2. Complete the required details and let your supporters know why you are raising funds for SAID. You can select the category “Organisation / Charity / NPO / PBO” and the organisation “The Society for Animals in Distress”, as well as “947 Ride Joburg 2024” under the event category.
  3. Add some pictures and / or videos to your campaign that will intrigue your supporters. If you would like any media from SAID, please let us know.
  4. The area of impact will be: Johannesburg, South Africa.
  5. Click save & preview and when you are happy with your campaign – click LAUNCH CAMPAIGN.
  6. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Funds will be paid directly to SAID so you don’t have to worry about additional admin other than sharing your campaign with your network.

Other Ways To Fundraise As A Diamond!

  1. Organise virtual challenges like fitness or cooking tasks, talent showcases, and encourage sharing on social media to engage participants. Participants can nominate others to join, creating a chain of engagement, with a minimal participation fee.
  2. Organise an auction or raffle with donated items or experiences.
  3. Encourage participants to dress up according to a chosen theme related to the cause, share photos on social media, and challenge others to donate or dress up as well.
  4. Organise virtual game nights or trivia challenges with entry fees or donations using platforms like Zoomor trivia apps. Participants form teams to compete for a good cause.
  5. Host your family and friends for a dining experience and ask for a cash donation for entry.
  6. Auction off dares that you must complete once you reach certain fundraising milestones. For example, shaving your head, or performing a public dance. You can leverage social media to share videos of your challenges and encourage donations based on your bravery.

Thank ewe for your support