Our vision is to educate communities on basic animal welfare and by doing so foster better cooperation from the communities we work in to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted animals.


Our mission is to drive access to professional veterinary care in underprivileged communities.


Professional excellence, Transparent governance, Accountable and Valued service provision, Respect for the dignity of others.


At SAID we are always exploring new ways of generating sustainable income and are committed to be sustainable in all that we do to ensure longevity of the organisation for years to come! We have several ways of achieving this:

1. Compost Sales – Every Spring we sell our “home grown” organic compost to the public on a first come-first serve basis.

2. Events – SAID hosts an annual Golf Day and also partakes in other sporting events where our loyal supporters can run or cycle for a cause close to their hearts

3. Jumble and Book Sales – We collect and resell your pre-loved goods and second-hand books to raise much needed funds for our animals.

4. Tin Collections – Thanks to our wonderful volunteers we have several weekend tin collection teams at specific shopping centres across Johannesburg. These teams gather monthly on a rotational basis to raise funds for our cause. We also have static tins placed strategically across Gauteng.

5. My School Card – the public is encouraged to register with MySchool and add us as a beneficiary. This is 100% free and costs you nothing. As you spend, we earn.

6. Catalogues – SAID has a catalogue of various new and second-hand products that we sell to the general public. The catalogue can be found on our website.

7. Rental Property – we are blessed to have a 4.2ha farm and with that we have a few older buildings that we have refurbished and currently rent out to other businesses. We aim to expand this further.

8. Small Animal Hospital – At the small animal hospital we generate funding by charging all NGOs a nominal fee for professional veterinary services. We also encourage our community members serviced by our mobile units to donate towards the treatment of their animals with the aim to promote responsible animal ownership and encourage an active interest in the alleviation of animal suffering. No treatment is ever refused if a client is unable to donate towards their pet’s treatment. The development of trust in our professional staff engenders pride in our client’s commitment to their animals.

9. General Fundraising – we continually applying our minds on how to generate additional funding, whether through payroll giving, general grant and proposal applications, debit orders etc. SAID has been very blessed to be the recipients of small to extremely generous deceased estates over the years and is looking to maximise this avenue further through strategic partnerships with banks and wealth management companies.



Established in 2004, this project was intended to secure the health and wellbeing of equine in the Tembisa area of Ekurhuleni and Ivory Park, Johannesburg. The success of this project included the reduction of 360 working equine to sum 30 equine in 2020.


With the decline of working equine from the Coal yard Project, the surrender of animals birthed the need to ensure that these equine...


This unit specialises in assisting owners and animal welfare organisations with information and education, to improve the welfare of...


The Society’s collaboration and services to support their sector and other animal sanctuaries extends the value of donor funding.