Donor Thank You – May 2020

We trust that our digital efforts, to steady the boat, have been met with your understanding of the fundraising limitations in which we now find ourselves?


An upcoming catalogue with special pre-loved affordable gems will find its way to you in early July. We hope that the creative spirit cultivated in the lockdown will encourage you to re-decorate on a shoestring.


In embracing the challenges and opportunities we face, we thank you for your patience and loyalty.


We are proud to let you know what we have achieved in honour of your care:


1. From the 4th of May 2020 to the week ending 22nd of May 2020 we have sterilised *200 animals.


2. We are planning and adapting to accommodate the current and growing levels of depleting household incomes and the concurrent load on welfare veterinary services and organisations.


3. We are racing against time to replace the many lost public fundraising activities with widened digital income generation, both at home and abroad.


4. We remain supportive of the wider welfare sector and their challenges to secure affordable sterilisation services


5. Our mobile teams have incorporated additional informal settlements and are supporting the feeding of animals.


6. Wherever appropriate we have delivered human food parcels that were donated for this purpose. Witnessing the queues for four slices of bread a day is ripping our hearts apart.


7. While soup kitchens and the like are unable to reach the poor, they are entrusting their animal and human food parcels to our mobile teams to secure the direct delivery to the poorest of the poor.


With calls from donors to assist animals outside of our operational areas, we encourage you to contact the organisations that are already active in these areas. We are offering them our services to sterilise an animal for R300. The contact number they can use to make admission bookings is 083 640 8830 – Marizda will do her best to accommodate them.


Unity in purpose and love is a gift we are dedicated to offering.


Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones.

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