Newsletter – March 2020

Managers Update


Dear Donors.


Over the last two months we have quietly weathered Januworry and Febstressuworry. Although our weight loss caused by ‘dreaded worries’ has been most welcome after Christmas pudding, we remain positive and hard at work ensuring that your donations are diligently employed into the animals we care for.


We would like to apologise for our unavoidable communication gap while attending to bucket load of work, but we hope that this newsletter will brighten your day and firmly establish the value of everyday love.


Having completed 10 months of the financial year, our animal care numbers reflected below define our current capacity efforts:


To date, 1555 sterilisations have been performed – this number reflects new patients and owners that are now firmly part of our education and welfare care. No animal treated by The Society leaves unsterilized!


10 505 preventative care treatments were provided – This preventative care ensures that our patients have strong immune response to serious diseases. Prevention is always better and cheaper than cure.


Our education and welfare door to door animal care has delivered 41 455 opportunities to change the lives of our patients, and the successive animals that may be acquired by their owners in the future.


6 736* old animal patients returned for care at the request of their owners – Driving access to veterinary care, and the ensuing education and welfare care, proves that education delivers responsibility and compassion.


With only two months to go before we can close the financial year of 2020, we trust that we are honouring your donor hearts and investment.


The Days of their Lives


February, the international month of animal sterilisations, ushered in yet another opportunity for us to assist in stretching the donor rand for animals. For a nominal fee of R250, organisations received an open invitation to bring their animal charges for sterilisation.


The provision of our services in this way enables us to share the value of our professional services, to the benefit of animals, in economically challenging times. Additional animal health conditions for these patients were revealed as a vital spin off from this service, they included sexually transmitted diseases, heart murmurs and several other health implications that otherwise might not have been discovered. In other words, there is no reason for us to limit our work due to decreasing funding. The economy does not determine the number of animals that require care and protection, the reciprocal methods we employ benefits the animal care sector as a whole. The adage of divided we stand, divided we fall, in this the month of love, has been challenged – to prevent anyone falling is the ultimate gift we could possibly give to all animals.


So many happy and healthy dogs and cats have been given the chance to be healed and protected. Love abounds in many ways, we cannot be more thankful for all the love, no matter the month, you lavishly grace our patients with – we can have all the good things that life offers but without love we are nothing but empty vessels.


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