SAID Notice of AGM – 2017


The Annual General Meeting of The Society for Animals in Distress is to be held at 16h00 on Wednesday the 22nd November 2017, at 25A Fife Ave, Riepen Park, to conduct the following business:


  • Reading of Notice of Meeting.
  • Apologies.
  • Approval and Signing of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 16th November, 2016.
  • Chairman’s Report.
  • Treasurer’s Report.
  • Tembisa veterinary consulting room update
  • Election of Auditors.
  • Election of Committee Members for ensuing year.
  • Any other business, or that of a motion to be placed before the Meeting by Members in good standing.

Members in good standing may :
(Please click here for the document if you wish to vote by proxy)

(a) Nominate another Member in good standing as their proxy to vote on their behalf by printing their own name and that of the nominee, duly signing and dating the nomination;

(b) Nominate a Member for election to The Committee.

Kind regards
Executive General Manager :

Mrs H M Muller
PO Box 11555
Vorna Valley

Telephone: 083 640 8822 or 011-466-0261

Fax: 086 628 7663