SAID Newsletter – October 2017

Editors Note

This edition is jam-packed with events – make sure to have your calendar within arm’s length as these events appeal to a range of tastes. On the calendar and imminent is our beloved annual Dog Jog, and later an unconventional art exhibition that collaborates two causes.

​Steynsrus stories are a major feature of this edition and we encourage you to catch up on the animals’ lives we have touched with your support. This edition is also bursting with flavour and fragrance as we advertise our very own roasted coffee –‘The Philanthropist’ and our proud stock of Yankee Candle products. National Will week occurs during September and we invite you to reflect on the past, present and future of SAID. Join us and ‘spring’ into Summer with energy and hope for a brighter future for our animals.

Another BRICK in the Wall

We are building a compost hopper as well as a wall along our internal farm road to prevent soil erosion.

If you have any whole bricks lying around and can spare the time to deliver or to request a collection, please call us.

Any building sand, cement and cement mix would also be greatly appreciated!


Outreaches and Hospital

  • Plastic containers (used as drinking/food bowls for the dogs of Steynsrus)
  • Dry dog food for our outreach patients
  • Dog blankets
  • Healthy & nutritious dry pellet puppy food (Hills, Eukanuba, VetsChoice for our hospital patients)

Funding for veterinary care for our small animal hospital:

  • R 20 provides for the very basic of treatments like deworming;
  • R 150 helps provide for a surgical procedure such as a sterilisation.
  • Puppy Tick & Flea Powder
  • Dog tick & Flea Powder – Carbodust
  • Top Spot for Puppies & Adult Dogs
  • Dog Collars and Leashes
  • Medium sized igloo dog kennels
  • Towels
  • Cotton Wool Rolls
  • Cotton Wool Balls
  • Elastoplast – 75mm and 100mm


  • Hay saver
  • Feed
  • Horse jumps for Diamond’s training
  • Old horse tack​

Contact Memory on 078 120 9645 or Email:

Managers Update

2017 has swept by like the leaves in the gusting August winds and spring is pushing through the bare branches of winter. It has been a tough year for SAID, the economy has tightened all of our belts but as in all things there is always a positive – our resourcefulness has reached all-time records.

Our model outreach adventure in Steynsrus has been one of the most rewarding experiences in so many ways:

The initial 722 sterilisations performed in 10 days saw a marked change in the health of these animals The follow up welfare and education week was received with gratitude, interest and the animals benefitted from 2, 4 ton truckloads, of kennels and over 5 tons of food. The establishing of a para-veterinary presence one week in every month in this area is the ultimate success factor Access to primary veterinary healthcare coupled with relationships with private veterinarians in Kroonstad will ensure permanent coverage.

Our intern program was given a boost with the teaching and learning that was achieved, three new interns were able to advance to the graduate program as a result.

Driving access to veterinary care outside of our province has not taken away our ability to service our regular operational areas in any way, in fact it has produced a far higher welfare competency in our staff. All of the above would not have been possible without the support and investment of you, our donors. With deep gratitude I would like to thank everyone that has taken from their bounty and made such a major difference in 1000’s of animals lives and turned the tide for their owners.

The Greek proverb ‘Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.’ is indicative of your donor care.

Pigged Out

Meet Otter, our Steynsrus piglet – whose not such a piglet anymore! Weighing over 50kg now, he has become a familiar face around the farm. Otter was found in Steynsrus in ill health due to a problem swallowing soft foods.

His owner agreed to surrender him for us to take care of him as he needed immediate and constant attention. He has had quite the journey with us and developed a healthy appetite for cat food, which initially kept him alive on his road to recovery. Otter’s life on our farm is filled with stimulation; he is a keen gardener, much to the chagrin of Alistair, our volunteer garden guy. His nudges for love and belly scratches really leave you with an imprint on your hear… Correction, I meant pants.

Tickles, our pot belly, is taking her role in adoptive parenting seriously and together they ‘pig-out’ on special treats and fun together.


Since our last newsletter, we have done another two stints in Steynsrus. One with a team to concentrate on welfare, support and education. And a second with two of our senior Animal Health Technicians to start our ongoing once a month, 5 day maintenance visits, to establish a sustainable solution to primary veterinary care access and education in the town.

We set off for the final 5 day mass sterilisation outreach on the 16th of October 2017. This holistic approach to outreach will ensure a stabilised and healthy dog population, an educated community and most importantly, permanent accessibility to veterinary care.

We look back on our very first outreach to Steynsrus just one year ago, and see the noticeable transformation of the town’s animals and people that we have accomplished, with your loyal and unwavering support.

The success of the Steynsrus outreach has paved a pathway that will see SAID driving access to veterinary care across South Africa.

Will Month

This picture takes us back to the humble beginnings of SAID – BAWS (Bantu Animal Welfare Society) in 1958.

Through relentless devotion we became The SINGLE LARGEST welfare veterinary care provider to indigent communities. From humble beginnings where all our treatment records fitted into a single shoe box; today we cannot even begin to comprehend trying to fit just one day’s records in the same box.

The point of this post is to illustrate the immense legacy of your donor efforts and the success that can be found in throwing back the proverbial starfish into the sea. Being a beneficiary of a will is a priceless gift, one that holds immense value to our work.

For more information or to request an easy to attach codicil form, please contact us at or 083-643-9480

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