SAID Newsletter – May 2017

Editors Note

The first quarter of the year has raised many exciting plans and initiatives for the upcoming year. ​ I hope you enjoy reading our new digital newsletter and pick the articles you want to read!

Don’t miss our new ‘Wish List’ and ‘Important notices’. We hope to see you at some of our upcoming events!

Our work in Steynsrus continues and your support is testament to us being able to penetrate this new area and help those in need.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 011-466-0261 and ask for the fundraising office.

Bounty Hunters + Pre-loved Items

Your Society continues to benefit and raise funds from the re-sale of pre-loved and gently used items.
However, WE ARE NO LONGER using Bounty Hunters as our agent. We will continue to collect your donations to stock a new and lucrative market.


Your pre-loved donations ensured that we could deliver 60 000 treatments in the financial year of 2017.
Our work is made possible by your generosity.

For pre-loved donations, please call Memory on 078-120-9645 or for assistance

Tax Submissions Reminder

Please e-mail Sarah if you require a tax certificate for your donations for the 2017 tax year.

Did you know we are a full benefit PBO (allows individuals and companies to be exempt from paying tax on their donations up to certain amounts as decided by SARS)

As an individual you can donate up to R 100 000 per year, tax-free!


Please call us for any PRE-LOVED books you may want to donate and we will collect.

The book sales are growing from strength to strength and require constant stocking. If you have books that we can sell, you will be turning a good read into a good deed.

If you’re an avid reader – join us on last Saturday of every month in The Zone @ Rosebank, next to Clicks.

Grab a Starbucks Coffee or a Crispy Cream and get a good read! We’ve got all genres and will happily look out for your desired books.

Managers Update

The end of our financial year has been completed and as always it lends itself to deep reflection. In corporate terms we would be able to declare a dividend and the shareholders would be expectant of a profitable return on their investment. Your investment into The Society is no different to any other investment and the profits are reflected in the amount of animal care we could achieve.

So here is our 2017 annual report:

  • The communities we serve were able to contribute to the care of their animals in the amount of R220,776.00
  • The number of voluntary sterilisations achieved – 2408
  • The number of sterilisations achieved in a period of 10 days – 722
  • The number of purely educational stops in one day – 102
  • The percentage of all treatments where euthanise was unavoidable – 0 .54%

Undoubtedly our Steynsrus outreach is a magnificent highpoint for 2017 and will continue to be one until we have completely secured all 3000 animals in this small farming town. Being an isolated and contained area, the work that we are doing there will ensure a safe animal population for a period of 5 to 7 years. There is a journey ahead of us and many bridges to cross but 2017 will always be remembered as the year we began the change for a population of 9000 people and 3000 animals.

The costs of good care and service was tremendously high, our income was bolstered with love and our profit margin – priceless.

Thank you for being our shareholders, our cheerleaders and our support, we are indebted to you!

Everyday Hero

Ansome Pitzer

Ansome is a third-year Equine Science student that has been show jumping for 17 years. Weekly, she dedicates hours of her time to The Society and its beautiful Diamonds. Her confidence, caring touch and horse whispers of encouragement brings out the very best in each animal.

Striker, one of the ponies that she has been schooling, she describes as ‘no fuss’. Ansome is constantly astounded that the coal yard diamonds are far more trusting, far less jittery and definitely not stubborn considering the environment they came from.

Thanks to SAID’s care and Ansome’s tender touch, Striker has been homed – Devotion, the gift that keeps on giving.


We’ve visited Steynsrus for a second time this year in our efforts to contain and stabilise the dog population in this impoverished town. We completed a further 422 sterilisations in March bringing the total to 722 of 3000 dogs. The impetus of this last outreach engaged local vets from Kroonstad which is of crucial importance to the ongoing success and securing of the animal environment in Steynsrus.

Two weeks of extreme circumstances were to say the least, gruelling, and yet, the camaraderie, passion and realisation that the greater SAID team and resources were behind these brave 18 members saw them planning the next stage on the way home. The work that is being done in Steynsrus, and at SAID, is of paramount importance to the future of our training and mentorship contribution to access to veterinary care in our country. The vision of a contained animal community within an educated environment that has access to the care they deserve will always be our objective.

Our next trip is scheduled for 08 – 12 May where we will be visiting each and every home over the course of one week to educate, empower and bring real hope and real change. We will continue this educating and empowering while training and preparing a professional to remain there and offer basic care while liaising with local vets and the community.

By adding your support in the following ways, you will be ensuring the success and replication of outreaches like this:

  • Medium-sized dog collars with a buckle (fabric/leather)
  • Nutritious food (dry puppy food is always best)
  • Dog blankets
  • Dog bowls
  • Dog kennels
  • Carpet off cuts to line kennels

Funding for medications and treatments:

  • R 150 for one sterilisation.
  • R 20 deworming
  • R 100 for pest control (fleas, ticks, flies)
  • R 100 for biliary and ehrichia treatments (antibiotic courses and consumables)
  • Any other donation will be used for the abovementioned/running costs like petrol and consumables needed for the outreaches.

Upcoming Events

Amberley Open Day

Join us at one of favourite annual events, the Amberley Open Day. Set in a beautiful garden, tempted by delicious cakes and homemade meals, you will find your outing brimming with worthwhile stalls selling unique products at really reasonable prices.

In support of the Salvation Army and Animals in Distress, Cathy has crafted a wonderful event over the years. Come join us, we will be there to welcome you!
26th and 27th of May.

Thank You

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You have all been vital agents in making a difference in the lives of so many animals. To ALL our supporters, Thank You!
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