SAID Newsletter – Festive Cheer

Reining in the Festive Cheer

The Society has had a really full year and we have truly wrung the last drop of commitment out of our capacity. In just nine months we have reaped the benefits of our client education by exceeding the 12 month income of 2017 by 12%. The biggest growth however is in our sterilisation rate that in nine months exceeds the 12 months of 2017 by a massive 71%.

We have however, ended on a sad note as we had to lay off some of our staff members to secure our journey through the economic problems being experienced by one and all. A true reflection of the dedication of those sacrificed is their willingness to return in more favourable times and their solid understanding of the value they hold in our team.

Those left behind to keep the home fires burning have been galvanised to take on the additional duties wherever necessary. We can only ask for your patience as we settle into our various extended challenges, we truly appreciate your grace and understanding in advance.

Our plans for 2019 are being established and we hope to bring veterinary support to other organisations throughout the coming year on top of our efforts here. This extension of our services will allow our depleted capacity within our facility to continue driving veterinary care access to animals while making your donor rand stretch as far and as wide as possible.​

Being able to do everything we can, with all that we have, for as long as it takes is our 2019 war cry.

We sign out 2018 with love and compassion for those who gave their all for us and for you, our donors, who allow us the privilege of service.

Wishing you all a Christmas filled with tenderness, a New Year filled with love and a heart filled with compassion.

A belated Happy Hanukkah!

Hambakahle, sobonana futhi.

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