SAID Christmas 2017

Editors Note

Last month I attended a comedy show that mocked people for saying, ‘Can you believe it is November’ as the calendar months never change and the same time every year, after October, without fail, follows November. It’s made me chuckle a few times and has now prevented me from writing it ever again!

Nonetheless here we are, celebrating another year of your support. This edition sees the final chapter of Steynsrus sterilisation drives; a wrap up from our Executive General Manager; a farewell to our hospital manager who has served SAID for over a decade and been an integral part of the grit that has paved the way to SAID’s success; a story about two lucky goats.

We need another TON of bricks for our wall!

We have built the compost hopper! However, we are still in need of bricks for our wall along our internal farm road to prevent soil erosion.

If you have any whole bricks lying around and can spare the time to deliver or to request a collection, please call us?

Any building sand, cement and cement mix would also be greatly appreciated.

All I want for Christmas is…

Outreaches and Hospital

Funding for veterinary care for our small animal hospital:

  • R 20 provides for the very basic of treatments like deworming;
  • R 150 helps provide for a surgical procedure such as a sterilisation.
  • Healthy & nutritious dry pellet puppy food (Hills, Eukanuba, VetsChoice for our hospital patients)
  • Puppy Tick & Flea Powder
  • Dog tick & Flea Powder – Carbodust
  • Top Spot for Puppies & Adult Dogs
  • Dog Collars and Leashes
  • Medium sized igloo dog kennels
  • Towels
  • Cotton Wool Rolls
  • Cotton Wool Balls
  • Elastoplast – 75mm and 100mm


  • Hay saver – Thank you FNB Credit card Division
  • Feed
  • Horse jumps for Diamond’s training
  • Old horse tack

Contact Memory on 078 120 9645 or Email:

Special Wishes:


Our good old ‘Miele’ or ‘Mielie’ as our operations manager fondly named him is on his last legs. We’ve done our research and a new machine is going to cost us in the region of R 80 000 to R 100 000. With your help we can raise this together.

Why Industrial? For hygiene and disease control it must reach 100°C and be able to operate all day, every day to wash all our blankets and towelling used for the animals bedding

Thank you for being part of our 2017 journey and beyond!

Managers Update

Dear Donors,
Seeing 2017 become the past is for some a huge relief and for some the trepidation of 2018 looms large as we journey through our countries circumstances. A wise person asked me whether I noticed the sun rise each morning and the moon light the night sky, and had I experienced a day without either? Obviously the answer was no, so the next question was ‘If you look back on the year that passed, what would you be proud of?’ I reflected on the many animals and times that SAID had experienced in 2017, of the 1005 animals in Steynsrus sterilised and the ongoing care of this community. The Animal Health Technician Interns that came to join us and their remarkable progress and ability to fill another gap in providing access to veterinary care for the poor. I was humbled to remember all of the, just short of, miraculous work done by our fundraising team in their efforts to support our needs in an extremely harsh financial climate. I recalled all the work done by our operations team that work tirelessly to maintain the farm and all that it entails with every ounce of their skill and innovation. I visualised our hospital corridors bustling with volunteer dog walkers and veterinary staff ensuring every animals comfort and protection. I walked the farm roads in my mind recalling the depth of attention given to each animal’s journey to health and safety and chuckled at the antics of those who came to stay. I recalled the days that I have sat at my desk and prayed before checking the bank account, and how much my faith grew. I answered the latter question without a doubt in my mind – ‘I am most proud of the people who make the most enormous difference in the lives of animals. I am most proud of the clients who cared and valued our services. I am most proud of the donors who donated their time and hard earned income with trust and compassion. I am most proud that our challenges are overcome when we count our blessings.

I wish you all a magnificent sunrise and a breath taking night sky, but most of all I wish you a bounty of blessings to be proud of.

A blessed Christmas, happy Hanukkah and peaceful holidays to all.

Billy Goat(s)

Yes, we do indeed have a billy goat named none other than Billy! We are also a proud adoptive parent of another kid goat, named Sniffles.

Sniffles came to us through an emergency call a couple of months back. He had been found on the side of the N3 highway. When he arrived at SAID, cute does not quite describe the tiny, gentle, black and white bundle of soft fur that landed so effortlessly into our arms. Sniffles who got his name for his sneezing, was bottle fed and looked after day and night by our hospital administrator, Michelle. Michelle and Sniffles have since formed an unbreakable bond; so much so that Sniffles often calls after her when he makes a sneaky run away from his new home in the farmyard paddock (not Michelle’s office).Just when Michelle had nursed Sniffles to full health and he was old enough to start getting introduced to the rest of the goat herd, baby Billy goat came along! Unfortunately, new-born Billy was a lone survivor. His mother gave birth to three kid goats, which is very rare, as goats usually give birth to just one kid. Unfortunately, neither Mother Goat nor Billy’s siblings survived this overwhelming birth. Michelle took to motherhood once more and is still bottle feeding Billy. He is fit and healthy and loves to sleep on the grass in the hot sunshine outside the laundry. Sometimes, we wonder if he is pondering the philosophies of a goat’s life as he is very serious for a little fellar!

Steynsrus – Driving Access to Veterinary Care

1005 sterilisations completed and the change is so amazing, you would not believe your eyes. Our monthly para-veterinary teams are reporting on the immense pride of the community and although our mass sterilisation drives are over, the continued education focus is producing more understanding of the benefits of sterilisation. The next part of our education focus will be centred in the schools and our teams are learning new and exciting teaching skills to capture the minds of the students. Relationships take time to develop and with every passing month we build the all-important trust levels necessary to positively impact people and their animals. Thank you to everyone that supported this special pilot outreach, your contribution has changed their world forever.

Our last outreach was probably the most memorable of all, but not for the reasons you may be thinking.

Our trip started off with our truck breaking down and us having to pack out all of our hospital equipment beside the road with no protection. We rallied the troops back at SAID headquarters, removed our canopies from our mobile clinics and drove three extra vehicles down to transport the hospital equipment to Steynsrus. We were not going to miss the most important time of the outreach – the beginning!

By 15:30 we had arrived and unpacked and were able to complete 20 sterilisations that day.

The old age home, our usual Steynsrus home-base was not able to contain our team this time! Having planned for this we booked into the local ‘hotel’. No hot water and a desperate need for insect foggers, clean linen, and hygiene were just a few of the woes that awaited us! When the community began to hear of our circumstances they raced to our aid, we are a humble bunch but this was taking it a little too far.

The intrepid nature of the outreach team never ceases to amaze us, on Wednesday we completed a whopping 93 sterilisations in just that day!

All in all it has been a place of immense blessing, not only for the animals and people of Steynsrus, but also for SAID. Our teams have gained invaluable experience and developed a sense of compassion and strength very few individuals develop in a lifetime.

A farewell to our special Christel

Legend, icon, stalwart, awe inspiring, precious, worth more than gold, faithful and committed are inadequate words to describe Christel Janse van Rensburg. Christel is a one in a billion person and one who we have been honoured to share the last 15 years with.

We mourn and rejoice simultaneously as we bid Christel farewell into her future filled with true love and new beginnings. Thank you for your enormous heart, your level head, your complete sacrifice and your mammoth contribution to SAID – we salute you!


We would like to invite new Animal Health technician graduate interns into The Society at the beginning of 2018. We have successfully promoted another three interns through to our graduate programme and in January 2018 they will join our permanent staff complement. In order for us to achieve our vision of providing access to veterinary care across South Africa, we need more interns who can be at the forefront and lead this incredible vision for veterinary care in South Africa.

If you would like to know more about how you can sponsor an intern, please email Holly Doherty, Fundraising Manager

Winner of our Online Photo Competition

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Meet the winner, with the most likes on her picture, of our first ever online Facebook Photo Competition!

This is Robin, a Spaniel Welfare Ambassador

Robin is also a therapy dog in training at her local GP’s practice where she provides comfort for sick patients by providing lots of love and free kisses.

What a little beam of hope, love, joy and happiness!

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