Newsletter – September 2019

Managers Update


Dear Donors


In full comprehension of belt-tightening and a grim financial outlook for the rest of 2019, SAID is doing its level best to weather the storm.


In our already curtailed operations, we are bracing ourselves emotionally for tougher times that directly impact the lives of animals.


We are by no means sitting back and holding thumbs however, instead we are hard at work in the development of other forms of income to sustain us.


The renovation of our old administration building, into rentable space, is nearing its completion. This exercise has been undertaken with the understanding that all materials required will be sourced at no cost. We are so proud of the immense resourcefulness and talent of our operations team, they are relentless in their cost saving contribution. We cannot thank the in-kind donors who are supporting our endeavours enough. The next project will be a barn conversion into an events venue which we hope will provide a unique and exciting option for hire. And last but by no means least our old small animal hospital history will be honoured in a mini conference centre which will provide the perfect setting for teaching and learning.


The above projects, once completed, will enhance your precious donor funding and enable us to forge on with our solution driven programs. Investment and support with these projects, to speed completion, will go a long way in preserving SAID’s successful future. The old adage of teaching a man to fish is truly reflective of SAID’s nimbleness and innovative approach to a changing world and tough times.


Having expressed doom and gloom, laced with a dash of hope in the aforementioned, we are extremely grateful to present the most important reason for our existence:


Your care ensures the journey towards a life of health and safety for every animal we serve and for all those who will replace them.


With humble hearts, we celebrate your generosity.


The Days of their Lives


The brave will to live lies in each living creature – these are the days in the lives of our indomitable patients.


Snoopy was presented with paralysis by a new client. After thorough examination she was diagnosed with severe hookworm infestation that migrated to her spinal cord, and her long road to mobility and recovery began. Snoopy’s treatment involved full time nursing to turn her body every two hours after taking him out to relieve herself and provide physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture for her muscle atrophy. During this time, Snoopy’s communication through her very special eyes, ensured that any message she wished to convey was completely understood. Giving up was definitely not part of her or our vocabulary. Our collective bonding with Snoopy was magnetic and the proverbial village was at her beck and call. After two months, Snoopy’s mobility care required a safe and wider environment outside of her hospital cage. Dr Alison, our resident professional, skilled in acupuncture, was first in line to provide foster care for this amazing little girl. Back at home, Snoopy’s owners, now desperate for the home protection of a dog, surrendered Snoopy to us. Their story of the days of their lives is still being lived as we provide the necessary education and support for the family and any future animals in their care.


A ‘failed’ fostering by Dr Alison has ensured Snoopy a wonderful home where she now romps around, making up for the puppy development she missed out on.


As SAID journeys through the provision of veterinary care in outreach and our operational areas, we encounter cases from time to time, where veterinary care of animals requires a special home to cater for their physical needs. Being a veterinary care provider and not a rescue or homing facility, our patients’ stories are truly brave and heroic. Their resilience and strength is a healing balm to our broken hearts when hope is lost for others.


SAID will be doing an outreach to 150 animals in a destitute elderly Meyerton community this October. Our daily task of facing poor and desperate people and their animals will be magnified by the age of these owners. Your prayers and support for our ‘love in action’ team will be greatly appreciated. #SAIDHero


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