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  • We sell pre-loved donated items to fund our work; we collect directly from you.
  • Nominate or Add SAID as your MySchool beneficiary
  • Complete a debit order or make a regular EFT

Volunteer for SAID

  • Give of your expertise or skill

Become a SAID champion


  • Host your own fundraising event or run your own campaign
  • Get your company or school involved
  • Sponsor a Kennel in our Hospital
  • Sponsor a Horse Stable or Paddock on the farm

Book a school talk or retirement village outreach activity

  • Contact us directly for more details.

Volunteer for SAID


What do we need most?

  • Dog food – dry and wet
  • Puppy food – dry and wet
  • Cat food – dry and wet
  • Horse feed – ALZU 10% Maize-free
  • Dri-bed and other essential pet items – Collars, leads and stainless steel bowls for use in our veterinary hospital
  • Second-hand horse tack for resale and use in the coal-yards
  • Financial donations are always deeply appreciated. Whether it is a once-off or regular donation, it is allocated with the utmost integrity

How can you help?