SAID Newsletter May 2017 – Steynsrus


We’ve visited Steynsrus for a second time this year in our efforts to contain and stabilise the dog population in this impoverished town. We completed a further 422 sterilisations in March bringing the total to 722 of 3000 dogs. The impetus of this last outreach engaged local vets from Kroonstad which is of crucial importance to the ongoing success and securing of the animal environment in Steynsrus.

Two weeks of extreme circumstances were to say the least, gruelling, and yet, the camaraderie, passion and realisation that the greater SAID team and resources were behind these brave 18 members saw them planning the next stage on the way home. The work that is being done in Steynsrus, and at SAID, is of paramount importance to the future of our training and mentorship contribution to access to veterinary care in our country. The vision of a contained animal community within an educated environment that has access to the care they deserve will always be our objective.

Our next trip is scheduled for 08 – 12 May where we will be visiting each and every home over the course of one week to educate, empower and bring real hope and real change. We will continue this educating and empowering while training and preparing a professional to remain there and offer basic care while liaising with local vets and the community.

By adding your support in the following ways, you will be ensuring the success and replication of outreaches like this:

  • Medium sized dog collars with a buckle (fabric/leather)
  • Nutritious food (dry puppy food is always best)
  • Dog blankets
  • Dog bowls
  • Dog kennels
  • Carpet off cuts to line kennels
  • Funding for medications and treatments:

  • R 150 for one sterilisation.
  • R 20 deworming
  • R 100 for pest control (fleas, ticks, flies)
  • R 100 for biliary and ehrichia treatments (antibiotic courses and consumables)
  • Any other donation will be used for the abovementioned/running costs like petrol and consumables needed for the outreaches.
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