SAID Newsletter May 2017 – Manager’s Update

The end of our financial year has been completed and as always it lends itself to deep reflection. In corporate terms we would be able to declare a dividend and the shareholders would be expectant of a profitable return on their investment. Your investment into The Society is no different to any other investment and the profits are reflected in the amount of animal care we could achieve.

So here is our 2017 annual report:

  • The communities we serve were able to contribute to the care of their animals in the amount of R220,776.00
  • The number of voluntary sterilisations achieved – 2408
  • The number of sterilisations achieved in a period of 10 days – 722
  • The number of purely educational stops in one day – 102
  • The percentage of all treatments where euthanise was unavoidable – 0 .54%

Undoubtedly our Steynsrus outreach is a magnificent highpoint for 2017 and will continue to be one until we have completely secured all 3000 animals in this small farming town. Being an isolated and contained area, the work that we are doing there will ensure a safe animal population for a period of 5 to 7 years. There is a journey ahead of us and many bridges to cross but 2017 will always be remembered as the year we began the change for a population of 9000 people and 3000 animals.

The costs of good care and service was tremendously high, our income was bolstered with love and our profit margin – priceless. Thank you for being our shareholders, our cheerleaders and our support, we are indebted to you!

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