Community Based Skills and Business development

Community Based Skills and Business development

The Society for Animals in Distress is progressive in planning for and accommodating our evolving footprint of operations.
We are invested in 14 micro businesses within the informal sector of Tembisa. These coal yard operations derive their income from the delivery of coal with the use of horse-drawn carts. The success of skills development opportunities afforded to these entrepreneurs has produced a farrier and a harness-maker who derive their income from the provision of these subsidiary services to the community. Our ongoing investment in education and provision of veterinary assistance has enabled these businesses to thrive.
With limited or non-existent access to any basic services our mobile units ensure that burgeoning informal settlement communities receive door to door veterinary care. While this essential service is at the core of our mandate we are also ethical caretakers of a widening increased socio-economic scenario in more established communities. This increased community earning potential has initiated our commitment to historically bridging the divide between welfare funding constraints and private veterinary consulting rooms.
Black Economic Empowerment policy was developed to stimulate the participation of black people in the mainstream economy and we believe that Enterprise Development is one of the key elements capable of creating the necessary stimulation to drive black business development. The Society understands the importance of the advancement of black entrepreneurs and small business development. With this in mind, The Society has developed a programme that is considered a Core Enterprise Development programme that will add direct value and capacity to the establishment of private veterinary consulting rooms based within communities.
This collaboration has the common purpose of achieving economic and social change through action, inspiration and support. In the establishing of private veterinary services and attracting affiliated business interest we aim to facilitate/capacitate this transition with financial investment, marketing, black ownership, veterinary staffing, training and community clientele while creating community employment opportunities.


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March 27, 2015

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