Our featured blog post with MyPlanet

Our featured blog post with MyPlanet

It’s been an incredible year at the Society for Animals in Distress headquarters in Midrand. We’ve built – from the ground up – one of the most advanced and fully functional veterinary hospitals in Africa and are finally able to reach more animals, in more places, more often.


In addition to providing the very best animal healthcare, we’re also able to reach out and educate communities on preventive health measures for animals, empowering people to make the best decisions for their animals’ wellbeing and ensuring that the level of care for pets in underprivileged communities is matched only by the love they receive from their owners.


One of our success stories is Brown, the amputee dog. Arriving at our premises having escaped out of an open gate, Brown had sustained a very badly broken leg after being struck by a vehicle. Her owners were devastated and immediately called for our help. Our fantastic vets set to work repairing and caring for this animal and it was not long before the leg was set and secured for a rather lengthy healing process.


Brown was a model patient and everyone who worked with her remarked about her wonderful nature and calm disposition. After six weeks her healing process received a set-back which resulted in an unavoidable amputation and some extended recovery time. Brown received surgery and after a total of three months spent with us she was back on her couch at home.

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She goes back to a wonderful loving family who are now equipped with expert knowledge to care for and support Brown as she learns to compensate for her new condition and manage with only three legs.


Operating at this level is an enormously expensive undertaking that would not be possible without fundraising platforms such as MyPlanet.

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Whether it be a specialised surgical procedure, treating illnesses like parvo or biliary or simply providing empowerment and education to the animal owner; each is made possible every single day, by the support and dedication we receive from donors participating in the MyPlanet fundraising programme.

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